Discourse & Identity

Kyrstin Felts “Tumblr feminism and teenage girls’ social media use”

This presentation will trace the history of Jessalynn Keller’s term “networked counterpublics”. I will explore the background of each term (networked and counterpublics) briefly in order to demonstrate the theory behind them.  I will then touch on how this theory informs my own work on young feminists online.

Kyrstin Felts is a first-year MA student in the Communication Studies department at McGill University. She is also completing a Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies with the IGSF. Her research centers on Tumblr feminism and teenage girls’ social media use.

Annie Harrisson “The Desire for Tezuka: Creating a new Japanese Identity through Manga History”

Looking at the works of two very influential scholars, Natsume Fusanosuke and Takeuchi Ichirō, I will look at how the emphasis on Tezuka in histories of manga (Japanese comics) might be based less on his actual contributions than on the desire to reaffirm a positive image of postwar Japan.

Annie Harrisson has always been fascinated by the inner workings of visual communication, but also by the implications of the discourses revolving around it. Bringing together a rich career in illustration and a background in film studies, she turned toward the study of Japanese comic strips. She is currently writing an MA thesis on manga historiography at McGill University.

Stephen Sherman “Reading the Ruins”

What are urban ruins? What is their place in the city, and how can they be understood? Amongst the many inhabited, working spaces of the city, it’s easy to forget about the formerly active structures which have fallen into disuse. This submission is an examination, through narrativezed accounts, of two ruins I explored in the city of Montreal.

I study media at Concordia. I’m interested in the urban night, techno culture, modern ruins, and, more generally, discussing big ideas . If you want to get a beer and talk shop, text me at 6137257546.

Tifanie Valade “Playing With Boyhood”

Playing with Boyhood is a photo and textual autoethnographic exploration of the genderized marketing of film and television-licensed children’s toys in North America, as viewed through the lens of parenthood. By meshing personal anecdotes with theoretical musings, this presentation seeks to discover the different ways children might internalize character-based marketing, and the possible political, social and economic rationales for the continued cooption of children’s imaginary worlds by transnational corporations. This project also considers whether feminist academic inquiry has overlooked the positioning of boys in licensed branding, particularly in relation to notions of masculinity based on Western capitalist-patriarchal hegemonic cultural ideals.

Tifanie Valade is a student in the MA Media Studies program at Concordia University. In previous incarnations she has worked at an advertising firm, a high-tech dot com corporation, owned her own retail business, and helped direct a local community aid organization. Her research interests include child development and popular culture, curriculum studies, and issues surrounding social policy and social justice in Canada.

Moderator: Dr. Charles Acland,Professor, Communication Studies