Small packages can be potent and worth peering into. They may represent, express, and contain more than what appears. In this symposium, hosted by the Masters Cohort in Media Studies at Concordia University, we seek to discover and create meaning in minuteness and microcosm. We welcome the narrow focus: a particular case study, snapshot, project element, research statement, intervention, or finding to be ‘unpacked.’

On April 15, 2016 graduate students in Media and Communications Studies and related disciplines will present their work in an open and collegial environment. Themes and topics are wide-ranging, but all presentations will approach aspects of cultural mediation from a communications and/or cultural studies perspective. A multi-media exhibit will be featured during the closing reception.

The conference is free and open to students of all levels, professors and members of the public. The conference makes space for attendees to meet and share research with fellow graduate students and members of Montreal’s academia.

This student-run conference will allow future academics and professionals to showcase their research, acquire valuable presentation skills, and make contact with others in the field. The conference’s student coordinators will practice critical communication, problem solving, and budgeting as they work together to organize the symposium.

The symposium is held in conjunction with the Department of Communication Studies’ 50th anniversary. Special thanks to MILIEUX, the School of Graduate Studies,
Graduate students Association 
and Concordia University Alumni Association for their generous support. Thank you to Dr. Charles Acland for his support and help.

 Organizing Committee

A student-run conference, the symposium is organized by first year masters students Elise Cotter, Stephen Sherman, Helena Krobath, Tifanie Valade and Rebecca Waldie.

For more information please email: smallpackagesma@gmail.com.